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Dahab is a paradise on the Sinai Peninsula. The backpackers can’t fight their temptation to explore the coral reefs and the exotic marine life of the Red Sea. The calm waters and the gentle sea breeze is optimum for windsurfing just adds to their to-do lists. The place is not only popular for its activities but also for historical and cultural sites, the Bedouins, and great culinary exploits. And you need to have the best of accommodations to enjoy the most of the place, irrespective of you being a backpacker or not. You will find luxurious yet affordable Dahab hotels, where you can have your rest after a long day of recreation.

There are plenty of activities that will keep you occupied in your holidays in Dahab. A place on the Sinai Peninsula, graced with clear and calm waters of the Red Sea and a gentle sea breeze, has many aqua sports and adventure that will keep you excited for more. If you are the kind who love to laze around during their vacations, then you will love to soak in the bright sun on the beach and have a taste of its culinary culture. No doubt the heavenly taste of the local dishes will leave you asking for more, the activities and the sun are also quite responsible of your famished state. The calm Red Sea in the Peninsula region is best suited for windsurfing and Kite surfing. While the crystal clear waters will let you enjoy your underwater excursions, as a view of coral reefs and exotic marine life painted on the canvas of seabed is unforgettable. However, if you haven’t planned out the details of your trip, then the Dahab hotels can accommodate you with an itinerary.


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